Serpzilla API

Serpzilla provides API methods for some of its features through XML-RPC. Connection address is Available methods are described below, please notice that XML-RPC namespaces are used.

API method signatures

    Namespace: basic

  • boolean basic.login(string $login, string $password)
    Make a login to the system. API password differs from web-interface one, you may get it in your Passport.
  • array basic.getUser()
    Returns user data as an array of properties
  • array basic.getSites()
    Returns an array of user sites
  • array basic.getSitePages(int $siteId)
    Returns an array of user site pages
  • array basic.getProjects(boolean $includeDeleted = false)
    Returns an array of user projects
  • array basic.getProjectUrls(int|string $projectId, boolean $includeDeleted = false)
    Returns an array of user project urls
  • array basic.getUrlAnchors(int $urlId)
    Return array of url anchors
  • array basic.getDomainCategories()
    Returns domain categories
  • array basic.getDomainLanguages()
    Returns domain or page languages
  • array basic.getSiteDailyFinStat(int $siteId, int $year = null, int $month = null, int $day = null)
    Returns daily financial statistics for the site specified
  • array basic.getProjectDailyFinStat(int $projectId, int $year = null, int $month = null, int $day = null)
    Returns daily financial statistics for the project specified
  • int basic.linksDelete(int|array $placementIds)
    Delete one or several links
  • int basic.linksAcceptWm(int|array $placementIds)
    Accept one or several publisher offers
  • int basic.urlAdd(struct $settings)
    Add new URL. Possible $settings keys are:
    • project_id - Project ID (mandatory)
    • url - Target URL (mandatory)
    • name - URL name
    • keyword - URL keyword
  • void basic.urlUpdate(int $urlId, struct $settings)
    Update URL settings. Possible $settings keys are:
    • project_id - Project ID
    • name - URL name
    • auto - URL mode, 0 = Manual, 1 = Auto, 2 = Combined
    • auto_activity_period - Run autosearch every (days)
    • keyword - URL keyword
  • int basic.urlsDelete(int $projectId, array $urlIds)
    Delete one or several urls. Returns amount of actually deleted URLs
  • int basic.urlAnchorsAdd(int $urlId, array $anchors, boolean $merge = false)
    Add anchor texts to the URL
  • int basic.urlAnchorsDelete(int $urlId, array $anchorIds)
    Delete URL anchor texts
  • int basic.siteAdd(string $url, int $categoryId)
    Add a new site into the system. $url is the url of any site page with client code installed
  • int basic.siteDelete(int $siteId)
    Delete a site
  • boolean basic.pagesUpdate(int|array $pageIds, struct $settings)
    Update one or several pages. Returns amount of pages actually updated. Possible $settings keys are:
    • price - Link price per month
    • mpp - Maximum amount of links per page
  • array basic.getUserFinStat(string $dateFrom = null, string $dateTo = null)
    Get user financial statistics
  • Namespace: queue

  • string queue.set(string $taskNamespace, string $taskName, struct $parameters = Array)
    Place long-running API function into queue. Returns task handle.
  • array queue.getResult(string $taskHandle)
    Get queued task status as an array where the first value is task status, the second one is the result (if complete).
    The possible statuses are:
    • 1 - PENDING - task is queued
    • 2 - RUNNING - task is running
    • 3 - COMPLETE - task is complete, result returned